Spatial Perception Puzzle Game.
Reinterpreted 3D maze game.


Boy or Girl is in the dark unknown space.
He or She doesn’t know Where it is there.
They have to go to another. Cause Staying there is not helpful to them.
They want to know why they are in the dark place.
Only You lead them to the end.
What is the end?
Do you want to know the final?

* When on the Red Spot, You get the chance to go to the next stage.
* When on the Blue Spot, Your road can move up/down or rotate.
* When run into the ghost, You are dead.
* When staying on the same spot for a long, Hot rock can fly to the you.
* There are many characters in the shop. You can change your character.

Need Support?
Tap the i icon button located in the left-down corner of the Main screen. and There are Facebook, Twitter, Nanoo community icon button. You can connect them for being helpful.

*If You delete this app, all you saved data will be removed.( it doesn’t support syncing account )
*When you bought characters by real money and deleted app, You can restore them after installing this later. There is a Restore button in the setting view.

Available On
Android Version
iOS Version